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Embroidered Apparel

What is embroidery?
The art of creating logos/designs using thread.

Why is Vestis embroidery an excellent choice?

  • Projects a professional image; helps get new business
  • Creates awareness of your company in the community
  • Builds employee team spirit
  • Affordable - as low as $6.99 per garment
  • Low minimum order
  • Fantastic way to advertise your business while around town running errands
  • Great for safety and performance awards, and corporate gifts
  • Click Here to see our return policy for embroidered products

What embroidery options do I have?
The following four options are all terrific ways to help your company stand out in the crowd. Browse through the descriptions and see which option is right for you.

1. Custom Embroidery
Any artwork (photos, business card, company letterhead) that you provide to us can be embroidered onto a garment.

Custom embroidery examples

Custom Embroidery Application Charges - Cost Per Garment (1-9 Thread Colors)

Quantity All Locations (not back) Back Location
1-2 $29.95 $41.70
3-5 $16.95 $41.70
6-11 $13.50 $36.50
12-23 $10.25 $30.90
24-49 $8.50 $28.85
50-95 $6.25 $26.25
96-199 $6.05 $23.10
200-499 $5.45 $21.00
500-999 $5.05 $18.90
1000+ $4.45 $17.85

2. Standard Embroidery
Features a limited number of predetermined fonts and patterns. These are already in our system and do not have to be recreated.

Samples of Standard embroidery

3. Standard Back Lettering
Let us embroider your company name and/or message to your jacket or work shirt. It’s easy!

First, select one of the following lettering styles:

Lettering types: BLOCK, Upper/Lower, Script.

Then, choose from the following:

Standard Company Name Embroidery
Putting your company name on your uniforms is a fantastic way to advertise your business!

  • No minimum order
  • BLOCK, Upper/Lower, or Script lettering
  • 17 character max. per line
  • $6.99 for up to 3 lines

Standard Personal Name Embroidery
Adding a team members names to uniforms builds company pride!

  • No minimum order
  • BLOCK, Upper/Lower, or Script lettering (22 character max. per line)
  • 12 character maximum
  • $6.99 (one line only)

Standard Hat Embroidery

  • No minimum order
  • BLOCK, Upper/Lower, or Script lettering
  • 17 characters maximum per line
  • Hat front, 1 or 2 lines, $6.99
  • Hat back, 1 line only, $6.99

Custom Embroidery Thread Colors

The appearance of colors on your computer screen may vary based on individual computer settings. For additional information or more exact matching, please contact a sales representative.

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